VR projects
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Chemical experiments, English lessons, physics and much more in Varwin Education users' projects.

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VR projects created on Varwin Education

How to Study Chemistry in VR?
This project was created by schoolchildren during VR hackathon that we held in the autumn of 2020. Children realised several chemical experiments that are dangerous to conduct in real conditions. One of the most exciting things about VR is that this technology allows children to conduct «real» chemical experiments and practise their theoretical knowledge.
Project Mendeleev’s periodic table
This project was created by young students in just three days! Players learn by collecting elements from around the home to complete a periodic table.
Museum of Electricity in VR
Students learn the basics of electricity in a highly interactive virtual environment.
How to Study Astronomy in VR?
With virtual astronomy programs, students travel the solar system and return to their virtual desk to test their knowledge.
The State University of Management creates educational projects in Varwin Education
Varwin Education was selected from among more than 500 advanced start-ups to be part of a pilot program. Together, Varwin helped them to test some of the most innovative solutions in the sphere of education.
School №1329: how to open a Virtual Reality club in a regular school 
Varwin was invited to be a part of Learning Development with VR Projects, an experimental program developed by the Moscow Innovation Agency in cooperation with School №1329.
Quantorium Technopark & Varwin Education platform: VR training during pandemic
Varwin Education recently teamed up with Quantorium, a technopark outfitted with high-tech equipment for kids. Quantorium was interested in finding ways for students to work remotely on complex projects and curious if students could stay motivated enough to complete a three-week task.
Hackathon 2020
It was called The VR Developer: a Career for the Future, and 250 students developed their own VR applications under the supervision of teachers and tutors. Some of the best apps from this event are being used in classrooms today.
How a freshman student organized a VR workshop in Innopolis
Students can learn the basics of programming while creating amazing projects in virtual reality. University freshman Alexander Strizhnev demonstrates how easy it is to organize such an event.