Virtual reality is engaging!

The Varwin platform is building an ecosystem of learning and sharing through virtual reality technology, and students are gaining the programming skills needed to be the VR developers of tomorrow.

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Varwin Education is suitable for students in grades 5-11. Create virtual worlds in classrooms or at home!

The Varwin Education Ecosystem

Learn any subject through an engaging process that also promotes the basics of programming;
Obtain foundational knowledge for a future in programming and technology;
Reach beyond disciplines and weave together any subjects in a virtual world;

Dream, develop, and share your virtual reality projects;

Make the first step to a felicitous profession of VR developer.

Learning with Varwin Education


Students will develop a strong foundation in programming skills by using a block-based visual programming language. In the beginning, they'll use existing templates to build their VR projects.


VR programming skills will be practiced and pushed further through the development of individual projects. These can cover any topics from emergency safety to art history.


Next students advance to working with the Varwin SDK and Unity platforms to create 3D objects and complex projects in physics and chemistry. This stage also introduces business logic and startup processes.


Advancing with more real-world knowledge, students will begin acquiring skills in project and product management, technical assignments, and the customization process for projects with different educational facilities.


After their studies are complete, students can make commercial projects for companies.

Varwin Education projects made by kids & teachers

Varwin Hackathon super-finalists share their enthusiasm for VR, their experiences with the platform, and their dreams for the future.

Varwin Education is a platform for creating and editing projects in virtual reality
that does not require specific knowledge.