Create VR applications
on Varwin Education

Varwin Education is an educational environment for creation
& management of interactive 3D/VR-worlds, developing kids' programming skills.

Easy like Scratch
like Minecraft & Roblox
as VR programming courses
A first step towards
a VR developer job

From playing to programming, Varwin Education is helping teach tomorrow's
top professionals.

Find out in 3 minutes
how to learn programming with Varwin Education.

What's the difference between studying VR programming and studying with the help of VR?

Make sure that
what to create a new type of multimedia content with the help of VR technologies any 5th grader can do it.

Who'll benefit Varwin Education

Varwin Education for teachers
Use VR technology as a tool of knowledge allowing to fully explore the topic and subject.
Varwin Education for kids
Create your first VR project and make the first step to the promising VR developer profession!
For School management
For School management
Open additional education and advanced VR-development training courses.

Educational facilities that already work with Varwin Education

Use Varwin Education at school and at home:

3В & virtual projects are created by students: they start experience in development.
Ready VR project in 3 days: platform and its commands simple and clear: even young students will handle them.
Monetize Varwin Education: open virtual reality advanced education courses.
Free instructions and a module for teachers. Raise teachers' qualifications and this will be taken into account in their certification.

Lessons can be offered with nothing more than a desktop computer or with the help of virtual reality equipment

Minimum system requirements w/o VR:
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3
  • Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 620 and above or similar
  • 4 Gb RAM or more
  • 10+ Gb hard drive space
Varwin Education runs on popular VR equipment: PC VR and Standalone VR

Download a sample of Varwin Education didactic materials to help teachers understand and organize the VR learning process.
Download a sample of Varwin Education didactic materials to help teachers understand and organize the VR learning process.

Varwin Education projects made by kids & teachers

Learn more about Varwin Education plans
Get a consultation and explore the platform's features.

Feedback of teachers about Varwin Education

Our team will be happy to assist you with:
  • Varwin plans and pricing;
  • How to assemble your first project with the Varwin Education platform;
  • System Requirements;
  • Any questions you have.

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