What is ClassVR?

ClassVR is a ground-breaking and award-winning VR technology designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages.


ClassVR comes complete with VR headsets, teacher controls and curriculum-aligned content and resources, providing everything teachers need to introduce virtual reality into the classroom.


Using the Varwin Education Platform with ClassVR

It is very easy to launch any project autonomously via the ClassVR headsets using the scanner function. The user simply scans the QR-code from the Varwin platform and the project starts and opens up immediately in the headsets, these  VR projects can also be run through a PC.


Most projects are based on existing lesson plans, and learning with VR in the classroom begins with a simple website interface. From there, the instructor can control and manage multiple ClassVR headsets. The Varwin “Desktop Editor” function then provides the instructor with an easy way to make changes to the scene, manipulate objects and their properties, and more. Varwin offers an extensive library with a wide variety of objects that are ready to use, and the “Blockly editor” makes it easy to build the logic needed for those objects to interact.


With ClassVR and the Varwin platform, students can control, manipulate, and change objects in their virtual environment. ClassVR headsets and hand controllers allow students to manipulate the scene and objects with head and hand movements. The Varwin platform can easily be found in the pre-set applications on the ClassVR headsets, and the Varwin is already working to add even more objects and scenes designed especially for use with ClassVR.


Avantis has been supporting teachers and their efforts to embed VR in classrooms for many years, and thousands of schools have already increased educational engagement with the help of VR technology. We are thrilled to announce this new partnership between Varwin and ClassVR and our shared dedication to making virtual reality experiences both exciting and efficient. At Avantis, we believe that virtual experiences have the power to engage and inspire students in unique and powerful ways, and it is our ongoing mission to use the best insights and modern technologies to deliver high-quality VR solutions to the world of education!


Watch the video about using Varwin Education Platform with ClassVR:

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