Do you teach how to manage Varwin XRMS based VR projects?

Sure. Managing VR projects based on Varwin XRMS is really very simple: the entire process takes place in visual Editor Blockly. This is as simple as creating a PowerPoint presentation. 

Leave a request on [email protected] if your employee needs to be trained. Training duration is 72 academic hours.

Do I need programming skills to control a VR project based on your platform?

No. Varwin XRMS platform allows creating, editing and managing a ready-made VR project without programming skills. Making corrections in the VR project is as simple as creating a PowerPoint presentation! 

Visit to find more about managing VR projects based on the Varwin XRMS platform.

What is Varwin SDK?

Varwin SDK is a part of Varwin ecosystem, a supplement which enables importing and exporting 3D objects from Unity to Varwin XRMS platform.

Download Varwin SDK at:

Where can Varwin XRMS be launched? Does the platform work on Android?

Today our platform can be launched on PC with Windows 10 (x64) or higher. Our team of developers is already working to make the platform be launched on most popular devices. VR projects created on Varwin XRMS platform can be launched in the view mode on most popular VR devices.

Detailed specifications:

What is Varwin XRMS?

Varwin XRMS is a Unity-based constructor platform created by a team of Varwin developers. Varwin XRMS allows creating, editing and managing VR projects without programming skills.

Download the free version and explore the features of the platform:

I want to order a VR solution. What are the work stages?
First we carry out a pre-project study. We study the task, make a scenario and prepare a technical assignment. A virtual project development stages are formed basing on the technical assignment. Development is done stage by stage that allows you to monitor the results and us to understand the feedback on the product.
I am not sure that VR will solve my problem. Do you conduct a personal demonstration?
Viewing a demonstration in VR glasses or helmets is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Varwin XRMS platform and virtual reality. Leave a request for a personal demonstration here, our managers will contact you and schedule the demo.
Is it difficult to train staff in virtual technologies?

VR is simple! Learning how to use a helmet and controllers can be done just in a few minutes since all actions are intuitive and education process takes place in the format of a game. We will train your staff to work on Varwin XRMS platform to edit and scale up the VR projects. 

Contact us and we will help you figure it out. Feel free to write us on [email protected].

Why does our business need to introduce VR?

A high degree of diving that allows achieving high quality of the experience is the key feature of VR technologies. With this a person who uses a VR application has a possibility to practice the skills which can be difficult, expensive and dangerous to perfect in reality. 

Due to high degree of diving a user gains an intensive emotional experience that allows creating entertainment and educational content of entirely new level.

Our budget is limited, your offer is very expensive!

The cost of VR project development depends on the task to be solved. One of the advantages in using virtual reality in business is reduction of costs for the given processes. This is much better than using traditional solutions! 

Order a VR project for business and see for yourself.

Do you conduct a pre-project study?

Yes. Pre-project study is a stage preceding the development of a full-fledged VR project. Our experts will thoroughly examine your business objectives, test hypotheses and offer solutions. It takes 2 to 5 weeks. Following the results you will receive a technical assignment, a scenario, a road map, and a risk register. 

To learn more about Varwin pre-project study, its types and cost please write us on [email protected]

How long does it take to develop a VR application?
Developing an individual VR application generally takes 4 months and more depending on the project complexity. Re-working a ready-made VR solution for fast implementation takes 2 to 4 months.
What VR devices are fit for launching VR projects?

Varwin XRMS based VR applications can be launched on most popular VR devices.

  • Wired VR headset: any device with Steam VR support

  • Wireless headset: Oculus Quest, Vive Focus, Vive Focus Plus, Pico 2G
Do you have ready-made VR solutions for business?
Yes, we offer packaged VR applications for fast introduction into business processes: Rigging VR Lab, Retail VR Lab and Varwin Education. If necessary a ready-made solution can be edited and re-worked to suite your tasks. This is much cheaper than developing a VR project from scratch.
Do you make a pre-estimate based on any average values?
No, due to every VR project has its own set of 3D objects, unique scenarios, animation, sound effects, settings etc. That is why we calculate time expenditures of each and every specialist for the work on your VR project while making estimates.
Why shall I order a VR application development in Unity with Varwin XRMS but not in "pure" Unity?

One of the key advantages of our platform is that it is understandable by both a general user and a programmer. Project development in Unity and Varwin XRMS allows to further edit a VR application instantly and without any programming skills! For example, a button, a table or any article can be moved to another place and different logic of their interaction can be set. All of these things can be easily done in a Varwin XRMS visual 3D Editor.

Learn more about  the difference between developing a VR application just in Unity and in Unity with Varwin XRMS:

What VR projects can be created in Varwin XRMS?

We create a virtual reality for solving any business tasks. Our team has designed more than 90 virtual simulators for variable lines of business. Varwin XRMS platform can be used to create VR simulators to train staff, VR simulators to communicate with a customer, VR tours and excursions around offices and stores and many others. 

Click here to view the examples of VR solutions for our customers.

What tasks can VR technologies be used for in business?

VR technologies are applied in different spheres, including marketing, education, medicine, real estate, production and industry, exhibitions and entertainment, etc. Virtual reality is a tool which helps you solve education tasks efficiently and with pleasure! You can study traffic rules in the text but driving a virtual car with no risk of getting into an accident is far more interesting. 

VR is the technology that lifts many visual restrictions and enables opening own virtual museum, giving tours for the staff around a dangerous enterprise and making other VR applications for education, sales, goods promotion, which have been limited by high cost and supply difficulties.

What is virtual reality (VR)?
Virtual reality (VR) is an artificial world where a person can fully “dive in” as an observer and a participant. The whole point of the technology is very concisely described in its name. You create a digital twin of the real world and fully interact with everything inside it. This is like a programmable dream which lets you find yourself at any place and fulfill any fantasies there. Virtual reality helps mastering any skills and undertaking education safely and at any time.

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