Manageable VR projects
for business: custom
and ready-made solutions

We develop virtual reality solutions for any task and make managing
your VR projects simple with the Varwin XRMS platform - no programming knowledge required.
Create and edit VR projects without programming skills
Easy integration across platforms and software: VR & PC
Free access to ready-made locations, objects and scenarios
Additional features for Unity development

Explore VR technology
for business: manage VR solutions
easily with Varwin.

VR for business

Customized VR development on the Varwin XRMS Platform

Varwin specializes in developing B2B-solutions using its own VR constructor. We develop VR projects for any task: virtual simulators for industry, marketing, retail and others.

VR training simulators for HSE & Industry, Manufacturing,
Oil & Gas, Power Engeneering

Training efficiency
Damage to loads or equipment
Employee injuries
Human factor influence
Accelerated training time
Reduction of training costs

VR development in Unity only vs Development with Varwin XRMS

Unity only
With Varwin XRMS
Launching on different devices
only with programmer assistance
immediately possible "out-of-box"*
How much training is required to start
4 months or more
72 classroom hours
Reduce development time and cost at re-order
cut development time by more than half
Who can edit the project
only a programmer
any user
Cost of project changes
qualified C# programmer's cost
any user, free of charge
How fast can changes be made
1 hour or more, only by a qualified programmer
immediately, by any user
Access to API to develop content
Support while using the platform
yes, under the Varwin XRMS license
* Varwin XRMS cross-platform is configured from the very beginning: it allows VR projects to run on most popular platforms and VR devices

Our clients


Varwin XRMS VR project manager feedback

What is virtual reality (VR)?

Virtual reality (VR) is an artificial world where a person can fully “dive in” as an observer and a participant. The whole point of the technology is very concisely described in its name. You create a digital twin of the real world and fully interact with everything inside it. This is like a programmable dream which lets you find yourself at any place and fulfill any fantasies there. Virtual reality helps mastering any skills and undertaking education safely and at any time.

What tasks can VR technologies be used for in business?

VR technologies are applied in different spheres, including marketing, education, medicine, real estate, production and industry, exhibitions and entertainment, etc. Virtual reality is a tool which helps you solve education tasks efficiently and with pleasure! You can study traffic rules in the text but driving a virtual car with no risk of getting into an accident is far more interesting.

VR is the technology that lifts many visual restrictions and enables opening own virtual museum, giving tours for the staff around a dangerous enterprise and making other VR applications for education, sales, goods promotion, which have been limited by high cost and supply difficulties.

What VR projects can be created in Varwin XRMS?

We create a virtual reality for solving any business tasks. Our team has designed more than 90 virtual simulators for variable lines of business. Varwin XRMS platform can be used to create VR simulators to train staff, VR simulators to communicate with a customer, VR tours and excursions around offices and stores and many others.

Click here to view the examples of VR solutions for our customers.

Awards and achievements

  • Auggie Award Finalist, USA
    Varwin made it all the way to the finals in the category of "Best Developer Tool" at the international Augmented World Expo, a top augmented reality and virtual reality event.
  • Finalist at Greenlight Insights, USA
    The Varwin Reality Management System was the top finalist in the category of "Innovative Tools" at Greenlight Insights' "xRS Week 2019". Out of more than 200 teams, Varwin was selected as an exemplary leader for pushing VR technology further into the future.
  • First Place Winner at the HardTech Round
    Varwin won "Best Idea" out of more than 400 innovative projects at the HardTech Round competition. Projects focused on industrial technologies with startup teams competing from 27 countries around the globe.
  • First Place Winner at the 10th GoTech Arena Forum
    Varwin won first place at the GoTech Arena Forum, one of the most significant venture events.
  • First Place Winner at Chengdu International, China
    The Varwin platform took home First Place at the Chengdu International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in China, beating out many other promising virtual reality solutions.

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