360 VR simulator
Prestart Heating of a Steam Turbine

How young hackathon participants became part of the VR development team for URALCHEM,
one of the largest chemical companies in the world

from 6 500 USD
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About the client
URALCHEM is one of the largest manufacturers of chemical products in the entire Commonwealth of Independent States. They are Russia's leading producer of ammonium nitrate and one of the largest domestic producers of ammonia, urea, and nitrogen fertilizers.


URALCHEM and Varwin have worked together in the past. The Varwin team has developed several VR simulators for URALCHEM including:
Assembly / disassembly of X-45/54 pump
Flaw detection of X-45/54 pump parts
Dismantling of a KP401 compressor
Technological operations with X-45/54 pump
Pump starting, stopping, and handling for repair

The New Challenge

URALCHEM enlisted the help of Varwin to upgrade a Unity-based VR simulator developed by another contractor. The problem was that the project did not run until the end and was unstable from a technical point of view (the frame rate was about 15 FPS) and only a web version was available.


Development framework:
Varwin XRMS
Devices: Windows 10 PC, Oculus Quest 2 Mobile

The Solution and Work Stages

The Varwin team decided to rebuild the VR simulator in 360 format and outlined the following steps:
Project analysis
We unmade the project, revised the main objects and the script, and created the missing elements. Then the VR simulator was prepared for optimization.
Project optimization
The problem had been related to the frequency of frame changes per second. To correct and optimize this, we divided the overall scene into several different scenes. Then we added objects and elements and prepared the project to be exported to the Varwin XRMS platform.
Building on Varwin XRMS
The final stage was the exporting of the VR simulator to the Varwin XRMS platform. Our team built scene templates, configured the logic of object interactions, and tested it on Varwin XRMS.

VR Hackathon participant feedback

360 VR Simulator
Prestart Heating of a Steam Turbine

VR simulator for Equipment Maintenance

Results Overview

Students were able to gain valuable educational experience working on a project for a real-world client. URALCHEM showed its social and educational support, and Varwin gained new users and fans of the Varwin XRMS platform.
Project results
The project was rebuilt and upgraded on the Varwin XRMS platform
The development time was reduced from 4 to 2 months
The frame rate was increased from 15 FPS up to 90 FPS
Together with URALCHEM, the Varwin team gained a social and educational case for building the project together with the participants of the hackathon
We cut the client's budget by 4 times
We gained new fans of the Varwin XRMS platform
In addition, we brought all URALCHEM VR simulators to a unified Varwin standard. Now everything works on the same platform, and objects from one project can be reused for other ones.
Cost: from 6 500 USD

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