Varwin Rigging VR Lab
Virtual Training Simulator

A controlled Virtual Reality solution for training in Rigging, Handling, and Slinging

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See the Varwin Rigging VR Lab in action
at the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works!

VR simulator training

VR Rigging Lab: crane, lifting, slinger VR simulator

Virtual training offers:

  • Faster and more effective training
  • Experienced employees can remain productive rather than lose time training new slingers
  • No damage to loads or equipment
  • Fewer employee injuries
  • No time or money lost to training emergencies


The Varwin Rigging VR Lab package includes:

Basic Location
Cranes & Hooks
Loads & Slings
Virtual Instructor
Background Sounds
Training Scenarios& Mechanics

How does it work?

Basic Location
  • The package includes a basic workspace
  • Customization options are available
Cranes & Hooks
  • Both 15 and 30-ton overhead traveling cranes with hooks are included
  • The cranes can be customized to meet your requirements
Typical Loads
  • The package includes 2 rolls, 1 box/container, and 1 steel sheet stack
  • Any digitized loads suitable for slinging can be added to the library
Different Sling Types
  • Metal slings by cable type (for the rolls)
  • Chain slings (for the box and steel sheet stack)
  • Staples (for the rolls)
  • Slings can be customized to meet your requirements
Virtual Instructor
  • The package includes one virtual bot instructor
  • The bot instructs trainees in crane control gestures as well as through vocal instruction
  • The Varwin XRMS platform makes it easy to change voice settings on your own, without developer assistance
  • Additional options for the bot can be customized to meet your requirements
Background Sounds
  • Noisy shop floor activities and crane movement sounds create realistic distractions on the production floor
  • It's easy to change background sounds without developer assistance
  • Additional options can be customized to meet your requirements

The Varwin Rigging VR Lab is based on the Varwin
XRMS platform

  • The package includes 1 lifetime license for the Varwin XRMS platform
  • And access to the Blockly visual constructor
rigging blockly 2.png

Varwin Rigging VR Lab:

  • Full Cost – 8700$
  • Project implementation – 3 weeks
  • The VR Lab package contains everything you need: a basic location, typical slings, loads, scenarios, and mechanics, as well as a virtual instructor
  • Lifetime Access to the Varwin XRMS platform for project setup and self-editing
  • Personnel training and integration of the VR Lab into your production process