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Mining and Processing Equipment: A VR Project for TAPP Group

TAPP Group creates diverse equipment for the mining and mineral processing industry. To simplify the demonstration of its product range as well as to speed up the employee onboarding journey, TAPP Group approached Varwin to create a VR solution to solve their challenges.

The VR opportunity for TAPP Group

TAPP Group manufactures equipment for coal preparation plants. Despite the importance of this business unit, most of the company’s managers and engineers have never seen such a plant from the inside. TAPP Group’s management recognized the importance for employees to better understand how the equipment they produce is being used in these plants. However, sending employees to these plants is expensive and challenging for the continuity of the production operations. That is why the management has, together with Varwin, evaluated the opportunity to create a VR simulation of these sites and train employees virtually.


The project objectives were:

– To develop a digital version of the equipment TAPP Group manufactures

– To develop a digital version of the equipment TAPP Group manufactures

– To build a flexible, dynamic simulation that can be adapted by TAPP Group

Bringing the complexity of such plants into VR

Initially, we planned to deliver the project with one 3D designer only. However, we have come quickly to the realization that the required level of details cannot be guaranteed with only one designer. The main challenge was the sheer size of these plants. Eventually, three 3D designers were working simultaneously on different areas of the coal plants to meet the deadline.

Our developers were able to recycle existing files from our client. TAPP Group had the entire layouts of their clients’ sites in their engineering software. We were able to convert the CAD-files into VR-viable formats and reuse the existing data. While such file transformations are very tricky due to the specificities of VR software environments, our developers were able to circumvent the challenges and speed up the process considerably.

Training sessions – redesigned

Varwin has delivered the entire simulation within two months. Within the first month, ten sales managers, engineers and new hires have passed the VR training, confirming the success of the simulation. Judging by the feedback, they immediately began to form a comprehensive understanding of TAPP Group itself, the products they are going to manufacture, and how these products will be used at a client’s site.

Varwin’s proprietary XRMS platform guarantees flexibility

The key requirement of TAPP Group was that the simulation may be adapted easily and without programming knowledge. Varwin’s XRMS no-code platform enables our client to intuitively adapt the scenarios of the VR simulation to their requirements.

“What’s also important is that on the Varwin platform, you can manage your own projects. I create my own projects based on ready-made projects – on more detailed staff training. For example, a project on assembling and disassembling a vibrating screen and centrifuge is almost ready. In fact, I’m using Varwin’s know-how in more detail for my own tasks,” added Dmitry Glazkov.



Further opportunities are being identified

TAPP Group is planning to implement virtual reality technology more comprehensively when working with customers. They are planning to make final visualizations of large projects and to train the clients on how to use the equipment with the help of VR.
  • 2 months of development
  • 300 hours of work
  • 6 employees in the team
  • 75% increase in memorability of the information

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