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Options and Prices
Free edition for demonstration of the platform capabilities. You can:
- create your own objects, locations and VR projects.
$1 500 per year
Edition for developers. You can:
- create your own VR projects,
- build desktop apps based on your projects,
- distribute the apps and run them on any number of computers.
- 8 hours of work of a developer

$10 000 per year
Edition for corporate customers. You can:
- use all the features of Starter and Professional Editions,
- manage access rights,
- involve several users within your company to simultaneous work at the project.
- 40 hours of work of a developer
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Employees need to be efficiently trained to operate heavy machinery


Since heavy machinery is unsuited for transportation, employee trainings depend upon logistics. This makes training process slow and costly. Also, real-life equipment can present hazard to life and health of the unprepared employees. Therefore, the trainings can't include every emergency scenario that can happen in real life.


VARWIN team created a VR project with realistic 3D versions of all the necessary sites and heavy machinery. All the interaction with the virtual equipment simulated real processes.

The employees were able to receive training and work on operating procedures from anywhere in the world. Thus, the training process was fast-tracked, and logistics expenses reduced.

VARWIN VR solution allowed to practice any potentially hazardous scenarios. This way the company eliminated all risks for the employees in training and kept the equipment in working order.

With VR solution by VARWIN, the company will also be able to add any new scenarios and/or equipment required for further trainings.

Museum of the World Ocean

Exhibit the deep-sea submersible Mir-1 which has been used for exploring Titanic debris.


Entry to the submersible is temporarily closed, the exhibit can be viewed only from the outside.


Using the resources of VR technology and 3D graphics, VARWIN team reconstructed the submersible in detail. We've replicated operating processes of all the systems of the machine and made the project interactive. The VR solution gave the museum visitors an opportunity not only to explore the Mir-1 submersible, but also to dive 3.7 mi (6 km) into the virtual ocean and feel part of the history.

Victoria Stenova

Show the scope of the studio's capabilities to potential clients and leave a memorable impression.


Meeting clients and displaying design samples in real-life interiors requires expenses for rent and renovations as well as complicates logistics.


VR project created by VARWIN allowed to choose a wallpaper and immediately see how it will look in an apartment. The customers were provided with multiple locations to try their wallpaper on: a living room, a bedroom, children's room, etc.

Cutting-edge technology allowed to reproduce the wallpaper textures and interior details with supreme accuracy.

30% sales growth proved that the customers appreciated the VR solution.

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