Employees need to be efficiently trained to operate heavy machinery

Since heavy machinery is ill-suited for transportation, employee training depends on logistics. This makes the training process slow and costly. Also, real-life equipment can present hazard to life and health of unprepared employees. Therefore, training procedures can’t include every emergency scenario that can happen in real life.

VARWIN team has created a VR project with realistic 3D versions of all the necessary sites and heavy machinery. All the interaction with the virtual equipment simulated real processes.

The employees were able to receive training and work on operating procedures from anywhere in the world. This has sped up the training process and reduced logistics expenses.

VARWIN VR solution allowed to practice all potentially hazardous scenarios. This way the company eliminated all risks for the employees in training and kept the equipment in working order.

With VR solution by VARWIN, the company will also be able to add any new scenarios and/or equipment required for further trainings.