Why We Decided to Transfer Text Manuals to VR — a Story “Behind the Scenes”

Reason One: Cone of Experience

The only technology available nowadays, which is capable of covering most of the learning cone parts, is VR! You can have short manuals, pics, built-in 360 videos, and audio support, and you can see the demonstrations, and learn by example, then do it yourself. Everything is existing in one utterly immersive environment, where you are not disturbed by mobile phones, colleagues, or just awesome thoughts about your next vacations. So, you can remember 90% of the information, which can save a life, make you more efficient, boost your creativity and inspire others.

Reason Two: We Have to Welcome Generation Z

Turn your head, you probably see one of them just next to you. Digital natives can’t even imagine that there was life before the internet. Brilliant self-learners, flexible and creative, they keep life “visual, learn fast and… Short! They will not sit on the long and boring lecture and obviously will not be attentive enough to read through the long manual. And, yeah, we remember only 10% of what we read, so… They will probably remember 2–3% of all text you give. We can laugh unless it is one more crucial health&safety manual.

Reason Three: VR Is “Bulky” and Expensive

Well, we don’t mean that it’s as expensive as an airplane, but it sends us back to the rise of the web-sites era. You almost forgot, yeah! No news, no bloggers, for every piece of content you needed to call for a developer. Want to change the picture? Be ready to pay for this and wait. The same happens to VR now. We decided to change the way this “deal” is done! You ask for a quote and get it in 72 hours, and then get your ready project with a visual editor you need to adjust existing content. You know what we say about content? YOU own it!

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