Meet VR Expert: Tipatat Chennavasin

Tipatat Chennavasin is a VR investor and developer. He is also a general partner and a co-founder of the Venture Reality Fund. We were lucky to interview Tipatat at the AVRA conference, where he gave a talk about virtual reality, checked out Varwin platform, and shared with us his personal experience with VR.

What was your first encounter with VR like?

When I was little, I got to try the Aladdin ride at the Disney World and the VR arcade experiences in the 90s. Yeah, they were pretty terrible. They were cool at the time but they were just impractical, very expensive. My real exposure to modern VR was the Kickstarter for Oculus. That was when I really got excited. That idea of the consumer being a product was very exciting.

Will VR/AR eventually replace 2D screens?

I don’t think it will replace all 2D screens but definitely. I do feel like VR, AR, and spatial computing are the next evolution in computing and this will be the best way for a lot of people to do computing type of work.

Is there anything that will never be possible to do in VR?

It’s gonna be very hard to simulate taste. I think that replacing food will be very hard to do in VR.

If you were preparing a survival kit for a VR developer, what would it include?

An Oculus Quest, a laptop, and Unity.

If you had the power and budget to do absolutely anything for the VR industry, what would you do?

The biggest challenge that we have in VR is still trying to figure out how to create a productivity application that will benefit the biggest amount of people. I think we need to create a general productivity tool to add value in people’s lives, not just a tool that allows people to do VR work. That would be the killer application.

Thank you Tipatat for sharing your ideas! We wish you great projects in the future!

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