How VR Helps Save Lives In Crowded Trading Centers

VR technology has passed its hype, and now its time to assess and pick the best applications. Retail stated to migrate in online space for quite a long time ago, but still, people love to visit trading centers as a part of family time, searching for emotions, or just spending their free time.

The era of the large trading centers is there, and while we prefer to think about such places as a nice place to be, the issue of safety is underestimated. The more people are concentrated in one spot, the higher the risks of accidents you get. When we think about retail personnel working in large trading centers, we have to care about several aspects, which directly influence their ability to act correctly of something terrible happens:

• Do they remember the instructions?

• Are they able to make the right decisions under stress?

• Are they really ready to take responsibility for other people, especially minors, when the situation goes out of control?

We think about these three questions when facing bad experiences like fire, earthquake, direct criminal threat, or health accidents. There’s never 911 waiting to knock your door when needed. So, retail managers have to develop advanced training programs, utilizing top technologies for better learning efficiency.

Which advantages can VR bring into health&safety environment training?

• Makes sure they learn NOW: no mobile phones or small talks during the class. Fully immersive environments keep you focused on the topic

• Feels like real: the right VR experiences can make you feel like you are in some stressful situation

• Better assessment precision: no papers, you can see how they really act when an accident happens

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