Varwin RMS is a Finalist for the 2019 Innovation Awards for VR and AR Excellence

We are excited to share with you our latest achievement!

Varwin has been named one of 18 finalists for the 2019 Innovation Awards by Greenlight Insights!

Next month we are participating in xRs Week 2019, where the awards ceremony will take place.

Greenlight Insights is made up of a team of industry professionals and has significant expertise in VR and AR. Based in San Francisco, Greenlight provides market research and consulting services and hosts events concerning the future of VR and AR.

Varwin Reality Management System was named a finalist in the Innovative Tool category. Other finalists in this category include ZapWorks Studio 6 (Zappar), Ubiquity6 (Ubiquity6), AXA Light Field and Volumetric Stages (Radiant Images, Inc.), and Mill Mascot (The Mill). There were three other categories presented as well — Innovative Hardware, Innovative Enterprise Application, and Innovative Entertainment/Marketing Application.

Here is what Greenlight Insights shared about the award: “The awards identify top virtual and augmented reality (“xR”) technology companies and end-user organizations that have implemented innovations using xR technology capabilities, products or services during the past year. Out of more than 200 nominations, 18 finalists were selected as exemplary leaders who push xR technology to go further.”

We are extremely honored to be nominated as finalists for this award. At Varwin, we strive for innovation and aim to offer our clients the best tools for VR development. We strongly believe in the future of Reality Management Systems that will bring VR development to the next level.

Now we are looking forward to participating in the xRs Week 2019 even more. It is going to take place in San-Francisco on October 16–18th. Please come support us there!

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