Insights On Company Development August 16-31, 2019

Welcome to our latest Varwin company update! We are excited to share with you what we have accomplished in the second half of August. As was the case with our last update, our main accomplishments this time around are coming from our development team. They have been working diligently to improve our product, and we’re excited to share the details with you. In this article, we will introduce the upcoming platform update, Varwin 0.5.0, and its new features, as well as the Desktop Player and our new Canny feedback tool. We hope you and your company can benefit from our experience!

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Desktop Player Release

We are proud to announce the release of our Desktop Player, which allows users to view VR projects without a VR headset. This feature is available for all projects created on the Varwin platform. With this feature, it is no longer necessary for users to own VR equipment, as they can now watch VR projects directly from their computer. This feature makes VR projects available to a wider audience.

With the Desktop Player, a user not only immerses themselves in the VR environment but can also move within the location, touch and rotate objects, and perform all other actions previously possible only with the VR headset. Now users can have a true VR experience with only a mouse and keyboard!

What We’ve Learned:

  1. Think about how to save money for your clients. There are many people and companies interested in implementing VR, but the cost of VR equipment adds an extra barrier for them. That is why we are especially proud of the Desktop Player since it allows users to avoid extra costs.
  2. Take everything one step at a time. We had previously launched the Desktop Editor, which allowed users to edit VR projects without a VR headset. Since we received great feedback for that addition, we went further by releasing the Desktop Player and allowing users to navigate through VR projects without any VR equipment whatsoever.

Canny Feedback Tool Addition

We have also added the Canny customer feedback tool to the Varwin RMS. This system eases the process of getting feedback from our customers: users no longer have to email us to leave their comments but can instead provide the feedback directly within the platform. With this update, we hope to increase our communication with our customers and get more insights on how they feel about our platform so we can make updates based on their feedback. This feature also allows us to keep all feedback in one place, making it easier to decide which updates to include in future releases.

What We’ve Learned:

  1. Always strive for efficiency. We loved getting feedback from our clients by email and various other channels, but it always took us a while to sort it out and answer. Canny will allow us to see all the feedback in one place, which will save us time and allow us to improve our platform faster. Expect faster response times and more efficient implementation of feature requests.
  2. Keep making progress! Canny promises to be a great solution. After considering different options, we chose Canny because of its user-friendly interface and great feedback from other businesses that have used it (see, feedback is everything). We are now excited to test it out with our users and eager to hear their opinions!

Varwin 0.5.0 Upcoming Release

It’s only been a few weeks since we released the Varwin 0.4.0 version of our platform, but another update, Varwin 0.5.0, is about to be here. Our developers have further improved the platform, and you are the first ones to find out about the upcoming changes. The greatest addition to the platform is the Desktop Player, which we have already told you about. However, there are going to be some other valuable additions:

  1. We have added the prototype of a Market Place to the Varwin platform. It is available only in developer mode for now so that we can test and improve it further. Once the Market Place is open to the public, there will be multiple objects and locations available for downloading and using within the Varwin platform.
  2. We have improved the Desktop Editor by making it possible to copy and paste objects with the ctrl+C / ctrl+V commands. This minor change significantly streamlines the development process for our clients.
  3. We have added timers within Blockly to Varwin RMS. Timers will allow setting intervals so that the users can work more effectively.

What We’ve Learned:

  1. Don’t be afraid to announce an update right after the previous one. While the last update of the Varwin RMS came out only a couple of weeks ago, we are constantly making further improvements. Development is a continuous process, and each update brings a better user experience to our clients.
  2. Team communication helps build the same vision. We have started having more focused discussions about what we are trying to achieve and have started showcasing development results to the whole team. This helps everyone to stay on track and build a vision for the final product.

That’s from us for now. We will be back in September with more news and announcements. Please make sure to subscribe to our Medium channel as well as other social media accounts. Stay productive with us!

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