Platform Update: Welcome Varwin 0.4.0

We are happy to announce the release of the updated version 0.4.0 of the Varwin platform. The updated version of the platform will ensure a smoother VR development process, and learning about the updates will help you to get the most out of the platform. Our developers have been working hard to fix the weak spots of the previous version of the platform, Varwin 0.3.6, released this May. The updated version includes minor changes, most of which will be invisible to the end-user, however, we believe they will make the overall Varwin experience more pleasant for our clients.

Desktop Editor Proved Its Worth

Our improvements are based on the feedback we get from our clients, and we are happy that they are satisfied with the recent addition of the Desktop Editor. Previously, editing VR projects used to only be available in VR mode. That is when you put on your VR headset and move around the location, putting objects using VR controllers in your hands. According to our clients, this way of editing has its drawbacks: it is hard to put an object in the exact location as there are no coordinates in the system. Moreover, they constantly had to put their VR headsets on and off while editing, which was frustrating to many users.

The Desktop Editor allows our clients to operate without a VR headset, which many of them find convenient, especially those who don’t own VR equipment. Now clients can use a mouse and keyboard to place objects, which makes the process much easier. There are coordinate axes that allow them to choose the exact location for an object, and they can also set the parameters for rotating, scaling, and positioning objects.

What’s New

Desktop Editor is here to stay, and we are now moving on to the most recent updates. Our developers have updated the onboarding procedure, enhanced WMR support, fixed some minor errors in the Desktop Editor and improved its overall performance as well as stability for the entire application and RMS.

We have also added VR projects for Mobile HMD, like Oculus Quest, however, for now, they will be in the developer mode, and therefore, unavailable to the end-user. Moreover, we have made significant improvements to post-processing, which leads to better image quality. Last but not least, there will be an updated version of the Varwin SDK for Unity.

Among the small issues fixed from the previous platform update are the following ones:

  1. We ensured that WMR controllers are easily determined.

2. We added a pop-up window asking to save the project after the “redo” operation in VR.

3. Now it is possible to delete an object right after opening VR, which was a challenge before.

4. We made the transition from Desktop Editor to Preview Mode smoother and ensured that VR opens in Full-Screen mode.

5. The Desktop Editor now has a grabbing cursor.

6. We added a warning pop-up window to VR, which appears when the user wants to delete spawned objects.

We hope that the updated version of the platform will ensure a smoother VR development process for our clients. Moreover, as we are now testing some of the experimental additions, we hope to make them available for the end-user in the future updates. Please, make sure to test the updated version of the Varwin platform and give us your feedback by leaving comments under this post or emailing us at [email protected]!

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