Insights On the Company Development July 13-31, 2019

July is over, and it is now time to sum up our progress for the second half of the month. In this post you will find our latest achievements as well as the valuable lessons we’ve learned from our experience. We hope that this information will be useful to you and will help you avoid mistakes when developing your own business. Please, do not forget to Clap for this article if you enjoy getting updates from Varwin.


This time we decided to share with you more news from our development team. They are currently working on multiple projects, so we have made an overview of their main focus points.

Partner Research and Teslasuit Collaboration

Research comes first before any development. We at Varwin give a lot of attention to gathering information beforehand and exploring possible opportunities of any new project. For the past two weeks we were looking into whether or not it is possible to transfer regular Unity projects to the Varwin platform. For example, imagine a VR studio that makes their own projects and wants to collaborate with us. Can they transfer their existing projects to Varwin instead of creating them from scratch? That is the question our developers were trying to answer.

We are currently working with the Teslasuit, as they have provided us with their demo to explore its opportunities. Our goal is to see what the Teslasuit has to offer, to give them our feedback, and again, if possible, connect it to Varwin. Undoubtedly, Teslasuit has great potential. However, our research goal stays the same: how to transfer existing off-platform projects to Varwin.

Mobile VR

We have started working with mobile VR, and even though it is in developer mode within our platform, we now intend to make all of our projects mobile ready. For example, we are currently working on creating a mobile version for the Skolkovo VR Hub project. That is one of the projects we have recently completed, and now the goal is to make it mobile ready and present a new version to our client.

Aside from creating mobile projects, another task for our developers is to optimize the editing process. Right now editing a mobile VR project can only be done through the desktop editor. However, we want to make editing mobile VR projects possible through regular VR, which would be more convenient for the users. We are now only starting to work on this part by planning out the best way to tackle this problem.

Object Versioning

We want to make Varwin content available in different versions of objects. Now every time an object is updated, only its latest version is available in the database. However, when working on a project, you might need to use both versions, old and new. This is why we’ve decided to make all the different versions available within the platform. This will provide our users with more content for creating their VR projects.

What we have learned:

  1. Getting feedback from other departments helps improve development. Our work model has been optimized further. As we have told you before, our developers work in 2-week sprints. At the beginning of each sprint, the team sets the goals for the following weeks. The last working day of a sprint they demonstrate their results. To make the result demonstration more productive, we started to invite other departments, such as marketing and HR. Developers benefit from getting feedback on their work, while other departments are updated on the latest improvements.
  2. Moving from VRTK to SteamVR allows us to build greater apps. Our developers have switched to a more stable framework for VR applications development. We moved from VRTK to SteamVR. It was harder to work on VRTK, and it was more suitable for prototyping while SteamVR is a complete framework that fits our goals and helps us build greater VR applications.
  3. Devoting time to customer development is crucial. We have started proactively communicating with our potential customers in order to get more feedback on our product and learn more about our target audience. We invite developers from other VR studios to our office and do interviews with them in order to better understand their issues and in return, propose the solutions in our product.

Media Coverage

We continue working on increasing our media coverage, and these two weeks have been quite successful for us in terms of getting published. Here are the main highlights for this timeframe:

VR/AR Pioneers

VR/AR Pioneers published our article, where our CTO Semen Lukanov shared the 3 main challenges of VR development and how to overcome them. You can follow the link to read his insights:



We participated in the FounderTalk column in the StartUpValley magazine, where our CEO Alex Dovzhikov shared the idea behind Varwin. If you are interested to know the origins of Varwin, please read the interview:


AR/VR Journey

AR/VR Journey reached out to us and offered to publish “How to Sell VR Technologies on the Russian Market” on their website. Moreover, they gave us access to their platform through Medium so that we could share our future posts with them.


Our press release was shared on VRARA. We are active members of this association, and are happy to participate in their newsletter. Here is the link:


What we have learned:

  1. Always look out for more opportunities. Aside from publishing our articles, we saw a chance to participate in the FounderTalk, which was a great opportunity for our CEO to share the idea behind Varwin with everyone.
  2. Proactively use social media. People often find out about articles through reposts on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you let your followers know a new article is published. It is also a way for journalists to reach out to you if they like your work (that is what happened with us and AR/VR Journey).

These are the main lessons we’ve learnt and our achievements in the second half of July. We’re now moving into August, determined to make even bigger progress.

Webinar Announcement

In case you missed our previous webinar, please make sure to mark August 29th on your calendars, because on that day at 8:00 PM PST we are going to have our next webinar on a topic of “Streamlining VR development for business: cut 60% of budget and 40% of time”. There you will learn how “Wordpress for VR” can make life easier both for the programmers and the clients, how to speed the VR project development by 20–40%, and other interesting insights of VR development. The number of spaces is limited, so make sure to register in advance. Here is the link to the registration form:

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