Insights On the Company Development July 1-12, 2019

Summer isn’t an excuse for not being productive. In fact, it is an opportunity to develop your company even more all the while charging up from good weather. We at Varwin started this July along the productive route and are now ready to share with you our list of focus points for the first two weeks of the month. These include launching a webinar, developing a Market Place, getting more media coverage, and attending the XR Expo. We hope that our experience will be useful to you.


Our team has been actively working on launching our first webinar titled “Streamlining VR Development” for our international audience. The webinar took place on July 4th and was available to anyone who registered through email in advance. During the webinar, we shared our insights on how to optimize production using the Varwin platform as well as demonstrated the tools that can help businesses grow. Launching a webinar was a new experience for us, but it did prove to be an effective way of introducing new audiences to our product, which is important for future growth of the company. Our first webinar was a success, however, we also acknowledge that further improvements must be made, namely, a more thorough preparation.

What we have learned:

  1. The date and time of the webinar matter as much as the content itself; account for different time zones so that more people can tune in.
  2. Do not be afraid to reschedule in case of emergency. Our speaker had got sick, so we had to postpone the webinar for a week, and it only helped us prepare better.
  3. Choosing the platform for the webinar is crucial. We have tested various platforms before we decided on Zoom, which provided high quality video for the webinar.

Market Place

Our developers are currently working on building a Market Place for the Varwin platform. The idea is to create a marketplace with different VR objects, locations, and even VR projects available to download. Our clients will be able to choose any of VR content and use it for their projects within the Varwin platform. We hope the Market Place will lead to an increase of the User Generated VR content: the more is available in the Market Place, the more opportunities users will have to create something new. We plan to initially make the Market Place available for free to all of our clients, however, later, there might be both free and paid models, depending on VR content creators.

What we have learned:

  1. Distribution of tasks is a key element when working on a big project. Our developer team works in sprints — they set goals for a 2 week period and distribute responsibilities for each task to certain team members. This allows to keep all the development processes under close control and produce a solid result at the end of the 2 week period.
  2. Development is an ongoing process, where room for improvement is always present. We make sure to leave some time to assess the final product and make changes if needed.

Media Coverage

We continue working on expanding our media coverage, as we acknowledge the importance of brand recognition. Last week, we were mentioned by iVariant in the article they published on CoFounder, Building VR Training Course For Big Oil. They shared their experience of collaborating with Gazprom Neft using our platform in order to create an employee training program in VR.

Here is the link to the article:

We are also proud to announce that the press-release for the Varwin platform was published on VR Focus. Please, check out the link:

Last but not least, we made it to Charlie Fink’s #XRDirectory. You can check out our profile here: That is definitely a place to be for any company that wants to leave a footprint in the XR universe!

What we have learned:

  1. Research comes first before reaching out to journalists. Our priority was to match the article to the theme of the media outlet as well as the area of interest of the journalist. For example, when pitching our case study, we chose CoFounder as they write about startups and their experiences.
  2. Collaborating with the smaller media outlets is a way to get published in the bigger ones. For example, we got into VRFocus through an agreement with a smaller publication, ARVRPioneers. It turned out that the journalist was working for both of the media outlets, and sent our press release to VRFocus.

XR Expo Stuttgart

We are serious about participating in events and conferences devoted to VR and technologies. Last week, we presented Varwin at the XR Expo — an exhibition for VR/AR enthusiasts with Audi AG as its general sponsor. The event took place on July 3–4 in Stuttgart, Germany, and Varwin was one of the 60 exhibitors present there. We used this opportunity to introduce our platform to the new potential clients as well as network with other professionals from the VR industry. We also had a chance to hear the valuable insights of VR development from such leading companies as Microsoft, Deloitte, Daimler, Audi, B Braun, and others.

What we have learned:

  1. Virtual Reality adoption is on the rise among German companies. According to The Venture Reality Fund research, there are 15 VR companies in Germany, however, the number of companies that adopt VR in their practices is much larger. Attending the event gave us more knowledge about innovative VR solutions.
  2. Learning from the best is powerful. One of the speeches we liked the most was by Michael Zawrel from Microsoft. He gave a talk on Mixed Reality and how it offers a new vision for computing and work. This is the topic we could relate to, and we learned more about mixed reality and its implications.

This sums up our main focus points for the last two weeks. We are now looking forward to sharing our further accomplishments with you. Please, follow our blog and other social media channels for more updates. The next iteration of this editorial will be coming up at the end of July. We hope you are having a productive month as well!

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